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Shirley Bongers' Family History Research

Shirley has been researching her extended family history for over 30 years.

In that time she's traced at least 11,451 people, from among 2,100 families, who lived over the last 6 centuries.

The information Shirley has gathered are accessible via this website, which forms part of the Indidem* project.

The project aims to consolidate and publish Shirley's research, and thereby enable it to persist into the future, in circulation and informing similar research.

The other aspects of the project are detailed in the Achievements section, below.

* Indidem is a Latin word meaning from the same place or source.

The research collection


Shirley recorded her research in several databases. So far the most current database has been assessed and partially published here: it contains 11,451 entries and mentions 12,184 people.


Shirley's substantial collection of research notes and documentary evidence has been assembled, with a view to digitising, and either archiving or publishing.


Shirley's collection also includes a range of artefacts including historical photos, personal items and other inherited keepsakes.


Key research and project milestones.

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    First sparks

    Shirley's interest in family history was sparked in the early 1980s. While the moment of inspiration is lost to time, the search itself has captivated Shirley to this day, resulting in an unwavering enthusiasm for and dedication to the work.

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    Evolving research methods

    In the early years much of Shirley's research was conducted using parish records, cemeteries, local libraries, usually visited in person, plus community historical groups and genealogy networks via post correspondence. With the internet came more opportunities to better identify and connect individuals, as genealogical records were digitised around the world, and significantly improved correspondence, through email and online genealogy networks.

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    Reporting on the puzzle

    Not long after starting her research, Shirley began assembling and distributing book-length reports on a range of significant family members. To facilitate the publishing process, Shirley explored several database systems, and ultimately developed the current data set using the Personal Ancestral File software, which is now discontinued.

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    December 2019

    Shirley's 90th birthday celebration

    Shirley's approaching birthday has prompted this review of the research to date. We hope that reassessing the research, and continuing Shirley's publishing goals, using new technology and formats, will help the work persist into the future.

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    December 2019

    Indidem Project is launched!

    After some preparation during 2019, this website and the other aspects of the project outlined below were presented at Shirley's party, to mark the official launch of this next stage of her research.


Activities to date and future directions.

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Collecting the people


Charting the territory


Displaying the results


Future records & artefacts directions


Future data directions

Our Team

Three among many.


Emeritus Researcher Extraordinaire


Editor in Chief, analyst & archivist


Designer, analyst, developer & archivist

Sincere thanks to the many generous people who have contributed to Shirley's research efforts over the years.
Your interest in and support for this next stage is also much appreciated.


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